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See You at the Flower Show!

See You Soon!

Each year we look so forward to celebrating spring and seeing people we love at flower shows throughout the Northeast.

Where will we see you?

We're especially excited because for years you've asked us to share more tools and techniques to make organic gardening easier and more successful...

...and finally we are!

In addition to our full line of organic seeds and dahlias, you'll find heat mats, LED lights, row cover, biotella mulch, Petra's 25-page ebook Rise & Shine: Starting Seeds with Ease and more. 

See you soon!

Connecticut Flower & Garden Show 

February 22nd - 25th

Petra presents:

5 Easy Seeds to Save Thursday at 11 am

10 Tips for Container Gardening Friday at 3:30

7 Essentials of Seed Starting Sunday at 11

Philadelphia Flower Show 

March 2nd - 11th

Petra presents:

7 Keys to Simplify Watering Your Garden Saturday the 3rd at 2 pm

Milkweed for Monarchs: Growing 5 Natives from Seed Sunday the 4th at 10 am

Petra participates in the Gardener's Studio Container Challenge Sunday the 4th at noon 

Rochester Gardenscape Flower Show

March 8th - 11th 

Boston Flower Show March 14th - 18th

Petra presents:

7 Essentials of Organic Seed Starting Sunday at 1:30

Buffalo's Plantasia

March 21st - 25th

Maine Flower Show 

March 21st - 25th 

Petra presents: 

7 Keys to Organic Gardening Success in Short Seasons Saturday at 1

Bring your questions, your stories and your garden dreams to share!

We can't wait to see you there :)

Preserving Seeds, Passion & Legacy

On a completely separate note, I just shared a remarkable afternoon at the George Eastman Museum with my beloved sister Greta.

George Eastman, who founded Kodack, loved plants and filled his surreal home with thousands of ‘forced bulbs’ in pots each February. Oceans of amaryllis, tulip, narcissus, hyacinth and primrose. Broad washes of lavender, cream, yellow and crimson. It must have breathtaking.

Because it sure is now, a century later, when the Museum celebrates the tradition every year (go, go now!) and the air is thick with the scent and sight of spring.

But here’s the thing.

The Museum makes the exact same order of bulbs each season that George Eastman made himself.

Only one single variety of paper white is still commercially available. The rest are similar of course, but not the same. (Is one child replace-able with another?)

Friends, knowing that we’ve lost 80% of the varieties that existed a century ago is a statistic that feels as familiar as my love of seeds. I’ve seen (and tasted) the implications first-hand countless times.

And yet, standing there in the George Eastman Museum, surrounded by marble and exquisitely wrought iron, by stuffed elephant heads and everything that meant we’ve arrived in a new century a century ago, I’m struck.

What we love is so fleeting. We can build a business, a brand, we can change the world. What we love can still be lost.

The extinction of countless varieties of flower, grain, tomato and basil, cotton and linen, of everything, absolutely everything: After thousands of years of domestication, of mutual evolution, they are simply gone.


We can create diversity anew.

As our ancestors have.

As every species still alive has.

Like this kale, ‘Rainbow Lacinato’ developed by Frank Morton just a handful of years ago, that one day will become a beloved heirloom, a variety older than many living memories combined.

Yes, mourn our losses. Our short-sighted human vision. Mourn the varieties we’ve created and lost in the blink of an eye.

Let us too rejoice. Our work matters.

We can do what we can, and that is more than we think.

What will you do today to preserve what you love?

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