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Seed Starting eBook

Rise & Shine:

Starting Seeds with Ease ebook

 We've been asked for years to demystify seed starting.

Rise & Shine finally shares everything you need to start seeds successfully at home with easy-to-follow instructions and insightful tips for the novice and experienced grower alike. 

"I've grown Fruition's seeds and starts for years but I've never had much success starting seeds indoors. Rise and Shine brought growing plants back into our lives and my children have loved caring for our seedlings right on our dining room table."

-Jessica (age 36), mother of Zoe (9) and Tristan (6)

Everything we've learned from decades of seed starting, in 25 beautiful pages, for the cost of a few seed packets.

Rise & Shine, like a seed, is small yet bursting with substance:

Table of Contents

The Anatomy of a Seed

The Anatomy of a Seed Packet

Sowing Seeds Directly in Your Garden

If Cucurbits Could Talk

Direct Seeding Chart

5 Considerations for the ‘Think Outside the Row’ Gardener

15 Steps for Spectacular Seedlings

Transplant Chart

8 Flowers that Need Light to Germinate (and the ones that desire darkness)

Soil Blocks in 5 Easy Steps

6 Keys to Beat Damping Off

Final Thoughts


Here are two sample pages to give you a sense of Rise & Shine:

My hope for Rise & Shine is to save you time, money and heartache while sharing the joy, reward and extraordinary magic of starting your garden from seed.  

Download your own copy of Rise & Shine here for the cost of just a few seed packets.

Happy Sowing!


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