Come Visit Fruition's Farm Store!

Weekends April 6th to June 2nd 10 am to 2 pm 7921 Hickory Bottom Road in Naples, NY


Transplants Available This Weekend

all certified organic and well-adapted for our region, including GINGER!

Disease-Resistant Tomatoes: Brandywise, Summer Sweetheart, Chiapas, Coyote

Slicing Tomatoes: Gold Medal, Seiger, Rose de Berne, Paul Robeson

Cherry Tomatoes: Honeydrop, Chiapas, Coyote, Gardener's Sweetheart, Black Cherry

Paste Tomatoes: Ten Fingers of Naples, Italian Heirloom

Dwarf Tomatoes: Fred's Tie Dye, Lemon Ice, Iditarod Red, Pink Passion, 

Ground Cherries & Tomatillos 

Hot Peppers: Jalapeno, Habanero, Ancho Poblano, Chinese Five Color

Sweet Peppers: Habanada, Mountaineer, Peacework,

Eggplant: Black Beauty, Ping Tung Long, Listada di Gandia

Flowers: Salmon Rose Zinnia, Double Take Cosmos, Nasturtium, Zeolights Calendula, Burgundy Bachelor Buttons, Ziar's Breadseed Poppy, Pinwheel Marigold, Queen Sophia Marigold, Persian Carpet Zinnia, Strawflower

Herbs: Basil, oregano, thyme, chives, sage, italian parsley, savory, chamomile, echinacea

Summer Squash: Cocozelle zucchini, Success yellow squash

Pumpkin: Jack Straw

Melon: August Ambrosia, Petit Gris de Rennes

Cucumber: Silver Slicer, Spacemaster 80, Bush Pickle

Lettuce: Winter Density, New Red Fire, Plato II, Flashy Trout Back, Grosse Blonde Paraseusse, Optima, Asian Spinach 

Rainbow Chard

Kale: Vates, Lacinato, Bear Necessities

Broccoli & Cabbage: Piracicaba & Kalibos

Plus Ginger & Rhubarb, too! 


Hands-On Classes with Petra

Each hour-plus workshop begins at 2 pm & includes a free copy of my ebook plus a free month of Flourish Garden Club!

May 11th: Grow Your Own Ginger ($30 includes everything plus 3 pounds of our organic ginger fertilizer)

May 18th at 9 am: Foraging & Bird Walk with Olga Tzogas & Petra ($15)

May 18th at 2 pm: Growing Winecap Mushrooms in Your Veggie Garden with Olga Tzogas & Petra ($15)

May 19th: Grow Your Own Peanuts! ($30 includes 3 pounds of organic fertilizer)

May 25th: Grow Your Own Ginger ($30 includes 3 pounds of our organic ginger fertilizer)

No need to register, just come at least fifteen minutes early & see you soon!

Beyond Seeds

You'll find everything you need to grow them, indoors and out. We share our potting mix, heat mats, grow lights, soil blockers, favorite season extension tools and more! 

And of course you'll find us, delighted to hear stories and dreams, sharing our joy and insight along the way :)

When you come, spend the day!

Naples is a perfect valley to enjoy a day or two. Hike Grimes Glen, enjoy lunch at Roots Cafe, taste wine at our local wineries, shop for local crafts at Artizann's, enjoy a show at the Bristol Valley Theater, taste a grape pie. You'll be glad you stayed awhile :)


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