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Welcome to Fruition Seeds!

Hope to see you on farm one day!

Our passion is making organic gardening easier and more abundant for gardeners in short seasons. Our organic, regionally adapted vegetable, flower & herb seeds are selected for flavor as well as early maturity, cold hardiness and disease resistance and other essential traits to help plants thrive in short seasons. On our farm in Naples, New York we celebrate the flavors of heirlooms as we improve their productivity as well as seek out new varieties while developing our own to become the beloved heirlooms of future generations.

Fruition Seeds is the vision of Petra Page-Mann and Matthew Goldfarb, who started Fruition in 2012.


Petra first became enamored with seed as a child in her father's garden, saving bean and flower seeds to sow again, season after season. She spent a decade working for organic farmers & seed growers across the United States, developing the skills, commitment and vision to inspire regional resilience here in the Northeast.



Matthew has been farming since 1994. He offers a diverse set of skills and experience from his time as an organic produce grower, agricultural educator, and extension associate at Cornell University.



When you visit Fruition, look for Dandy, Chelsea, Eric and John in addition to Petra and Matthew. You’ll also be greeted cordially with a bark by our four-legged friends Pancho, Davi & Wollie.

Fruition’s Seed Store in spring is the perfect way to meet us and learn more about organic gardening in short seasons. We host numerous tours and tastings throughout the season to share everything we’ve learned. Follow Fruition on social media for updates and enjoy our monthly organic gardening newsletter for fun how-to videos and invitations to events on our farm!

We love food. We love people. We love growing food, building community and visioning regional resilience.

Plant seeds and sing songs!



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