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Happy Coming to Fruition Day

Jan 25, 2019

Happy Coming to Fruition Day, Friends!

It was this day, in 2013, that Fruition truly came to Fruition. One month earlier, Matthew and I had signed our LLC papers, but this was the moment. It's a pretty funny story, with the gentle resilience of retrospect, though I definitely cried and woah was it existential at the time.



For seven years before Matthew and I signed LLC papers, as I worked and played in the world of organic seed world, I dreamed of starting a seed company dedicated to sharing its own saved seed, well adapted to its bioregion. Which sounds nice and all, and let me tell you: That is a radical notion. There is only one seed company in Oregon I know of that actually does this. Well, I was obsessed with doing this in the Northeast. The transparency, the integrity, being the change we want to see in the world. I was obsessed. 

So we sign Fruition Seeds' LLC papers in December and one afternoon in late January, I'm crunching numbers and...

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