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The Truth About Praying Mantis (May Surprise You)

Jun 08, 2018

As a child and to this day, praying mantis delight me instantly when I find them in the garden. Their unlikely and adept bodies, their incredible adaptations & their uncanny camouflage are absolutely astonishing. I'll stop what I'm doing, every time, to watch them for minutes on end, spellbound by their captivating grace.

Can you find the praying mantis on the sage, beside Queen Sophia marigold, in front of Pancho?

When we rhapsodize poetic about beneficial insects, the charismatic praying mantis is often celebrated alongside ladybugs, bees and butterflies.

Friends, I love praying mantis.

And let's be clear.

Far from a pest insect, praying mantis (Mantis religiosa) is nonetheless at the bottom of the list of 'beneficial insects' in your garden.

Here are the three essential things to know about praying mantis:

1. Praying mantis are generalists.

When it comes time to eat, praying mantis are generalists. They'll voraciously...

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Introducing Flourish, Fruition's new Garden Club!

Feb 24, 2018


I'm proud, grateful and utterly thrilled to introduce:

Flourish, Fruition's new Garden Club!

For years you've asked for more: more detailed information, more video tutorials, more timely, personal advice throughout the season. Starting March 1st, Flourish Garden Club surrounds you with timely resources and inspiration to optimize your precious time and garden space.

Flourish is the deep dive of how we do what we do and how you can do it at home, so you can reap what you sow, all season long. 

Learn more and join us here.

Together, we'll cultivate your knowledge, skills and confidence so the seasonal cycles and techniques of organic gardening become second nature to you.

Together we'll learn, laugh and grow the gardens of our dreams.

Each month, Flourish members receive:

Timely tips and techniques each week, making it easy to optimize your time and garden space, surrounding you with abundance all season long. 

~ Exclusive, ...

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