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Grow Your Own Saffron!

Sep 17, 2020

So often, extraordinary things come from humble beginnings...

...and saffron is no exception :)

We love to push the envelope of what we can grow here in Zone 5 and a few years back we decided to plant a few saffron crocus corms to see what would happen. Lo and behold, we were blown away. They're so easy to grow, perennial and so beautiful, not to mention delicious! We're honored to finally share our gorgeous organic saffron crocus corms with you :)

Though it takes ~75,000 blossoms to grow one pound of saffron, you can easily grow plenty for your own enjoyment with a handful of corms, and I hope that you do!

Before we dive in, know we made an entire mini-course, totally free, to set you up for success! Fruition's Grow Your Own Saffron Mini-Course surrounds you with the knowledge and joy as well as confidence to 

Saffron crocus bloom in fall with lusciously long ochre-orange stigmas (saffron!) emerging alongside yellow, pollen-rich anthers.

Here are the keys to keep in mind:


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