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See You at the Flower Show!

flower shows Feb 21, 2019

Each winter we take to the road, tens of thousands of seeds in tow, to celebrate the turning of the seasons and see the bright faces of countless people we love at flower shows all across the Northeast.

We've met so many of you at these shows and without question, you are why we keep packing our bags each February, despite the snow and the cold :)

Thanks for coming in from the cold to warm our souls and talk gardens, seeds and spring!

Here is where you'll find us, Friends:

Hartford Flower Show 

You'll find us here Thursday, February 21st through 4th

Presentations on Stage:

Thursday at 2 pm: 10 Keys for Container Gardening

Sunday at 11 am: 5 Keys to Preventing Tomato Disease

Presentations in Booth:

Every half hour: Using soil blockers & making seed balls 

We're bringing five new dinner plate dahlia tubers for you...!

Philadelphia Flower Show

You'll find us here Friday, March 1st through 10th

Presentations on Stage:

Saturday at 4:30: 10 Easy Flowers to Grow in Containers

Presentations in Booth:

Every half hour: Using soil blockers & making seed balls 

Boston Flower Show

You'll find us here Wednesday, March 13th through 17th

Presentations on Stage:

Saturday 4:30 Making Seed Balls

Sunday 12:30 Organic Gardening in Short Seasons

Presentations in Booth:

Every half hour: Using soil blockers & making seed balls 

We can't wait to share our new Fruition-bred carrot, Dulcinea, with you!

Rochester Gardenscape

You'll find us here Thursday, March 14th through 17th

Note: You won't see me (Petra!) at this show since I'll be in Boston, alas! But you'll get to meet Eric and Chelsea, incredible humans who will surround you with equal measures of information and inspiration. If you're in western New York, be sure to head to Fruition's Farm Store where you'll see me each weekend in April & May between 10 & 2.

Maine Flower Show 

You'll find us here Thursday, March 28th through 31st

Presentations on Stage:

Saturday 12:30: Making Seed Balls

Sunday 12: 10 Keys of Container Gardening

Presentations in Booth:

Every half hour: Using soil blockers & making seed balls 

Beyond seeds, we'll have everything else you need to start seeds with ease in this and many seasons to come, like this full-spectrum LED light and mini soil blocker.

Beyond Seeds

In addition to hundreds of varieties of seeds, we're also sharing:

- Dahlia tubers! (15 varieties, including 5 new ones)

- Heat Mats

- Soil Blockers (mini & large plus the inserts so they integrate)

- Full-Spectrum LED Lights

- Recycled Fabric Containers

- Organic Fish Emulsion

- Organic Granular Fertilizer

- Japanese hand hoes (both left & right)

- Seed Collections (including culinary herbs, edible flowers, three sisters, microgreens and several others!)

- Seed Ball Kits (so you can make your own!)

- Paper copies of Rise & Shine: Starting Seeds with Ease

- Floating Row Cover

- Simple Trellis Netting for Peas & Flowers

Floating row cover is one of the easiest ways to extend the season, prevent disease and increase yields in organic gardening. One of the many things we'll have to share with you!

Sharing what we love with people we care about is such a privilege.  But Friends, know it is the time we spend with you, hearing your stories, sharing both the celebration and heartache of growing in our gardens and growing in our lives: This is our deepest satisfaction.

Hope to see you soon!

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,


Brandywise is one of four deliciously early and late blight resistant tomatoes we have to share with you!

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