Behind the Scenes: Sharing Organic Dahlia Tubers at Fruition

dahlia Feb 26, 2021

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes snapshot of how we store our organic dahlia tubers + sing them back to life for you!

If you'd love to grow some yourself, we share our dahlia tubers here

Before I describe some of the keys to storing dahlia tubers, I just want to step back + thank Trevor of the fabulous Larkin & Trevor Photography who made this amazing video, beautifully capturing the warmth + care we share them with. Trevor is a great friend + he’s also an incredible collaborator, super curious and immensely generous, always excited to learn + never hesitating to dig in deep. In an era when everyone is a photographer, his eye is distinctly different. Craft still rises above commodity. Follow him for insight, inspiration & a whole lot of love 💕

So dahlia storage! 

There’s a LOT to share, definitely jump into our website if you haven’t already, there’s a ton of videos on each variety’s page sharing the process of how to dig, prepare them for storage, and so much more. Hundreds of members of our Flourish Garden Club have the full compliment of video tutorials, plus over 500 more, following the season from beginning to end. In the meantime, you want to be sure to: 

⭐️ store dahlias above freezing + below 50, ideally below 45 F, with the temp as consistent as possible.

⭐️ though I cringe to use the highly non-renewable peat, for years we’ve re-used it to store our tubers in + its dreamy. You want it dry but not bone dry. 

⭐️ make sure no tubers touch 

⭐️ one each month we check on them. If they’re beginning to shrivel, we mist more water into the peat. If they’re rotting, we remove the rot + all surrounding peat to prevent it spreading. 

There’s so much more! Always 😂

And it’s our honor and well as pleasure to share what we love and how your life can be infused with this love, too 💕

Each year we sell out of dahlias quicker than the last, I hope you get the ones you’re dreaming of ✨

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

Petra & the whole Fruition Crew

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