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We share our seed potatoes as well as hundreds of other regionally adapted vegetables, flowers & herbs for short seasons. When people ask us if we have kids, we say, 'Yes! And great-great-great grandchildren! That grow us more than we grow them!' We're honored to share them with you!

⭐️ Organic Fertility ⭐️

​T​here is a direct relationship between the quantity and quality of nutrients your potatoes receive and the quantity and quality of potatoes you harvest. ​Incorporat​ing​ compost as well as well-balanced, organic slow-release fertilizer prior to planting​ is ideal & once potatoes are one foot tall, we foliar feed them with fish and kelp emulsion or compost tea every two weeks. The most potent time to feed and water your potatoes is when they begin to flower, ​as ​they’re initiating tuber production.​ ​Hill your potatoes with compost and well-balanced​ ​fertility​ to amplify your abundance, as well.​

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"I've grown Fruition's seed for years, excited to sow and wanting to go deeper. With Flourish, my family and I are growing the best gardens of our lives. Thank you, Petra!"

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"Though I studied agriculture in college and have grown food for 25 years, I have never experienced such a comprehensive, practical and accessible gardening resource as Flourish. Petra's personal guidance makes you feel Flourish was created just for you."

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"I have used organic practices in my home garden for the past 38 years and yet I am constantly learning new information through Flourish videos, community and especially Garden Club Q & A sessions. As a retired research biologist, I commend Petra for her science-based information.There are so many gardening myths on the web and in social media, its great to know where to go for real answers."  ~ Elaine 

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