⭐️ Adaptive Garden Planning ⭐️

with Petra Page-Mann, co-founder of Fruition Seeds


ASL Interpretation

by Kira Avery


Rise & Shine: Starting Seeds with Ease

For years we’ve been asked to demystify seed starting and here it is: Rise & Shine shares everything you need to start seeds successfully at home in 40 beautiful pages with easy-to-follow instructions, charts & insightful tips whether you've been gardening for years or dreaming for years :)

We love to share what we love to

Set You Up For Success!

⭐️ Sowing seeds well-adapted to your region make all the difference, especially if you grow in short seasons. We share over 400 varieties of vegetables, flowers & herbs here & hope to see you on the farm one day! 

⭐️ Don't skimp on fertility! A little compost goes a long way, as does our organic slow-release granular fertilizer feeding both your soil & your plants both in soil as well as containers. Fish emulsion instantly improves plant health, abundance & nutrient-density, your plants will instantly know the difference :)

⭐️ Ideal for easy season extension & pest insect exclusion, hoops & floating row cover make organic gardening more abundant.

⭐️ Container gardening is so rewarding and here are the containers we love, as well as these fabric raised beds!

⭐️ We keep track of all our planting, transplanting, foliar feeding, harvesting and so much more in our Across the Seasons Perpetual Calendar

⭐️ Our favorite Japanese Hand Hoe is our go-to tool to keep weeds manageable in all seasons :)

If you're hungry for more, let's dig in!

I share all our most in-depth insight & personal attention with the members of Fruition's online

⭐️ Flourish Garden Club ⭐️

 Flourish is the deep dive of how we do what we do with hundreds of members, sharing:

⭐️ hundreds of exclusive, in-depth video tutorials on a wide array of subjects

⭐️ An exclusive online forum where you can ask any question, anytime of hundreds of passionate gardeners (including me!)

⭐️ Live Community Q & A each month

⭐️ our most in-depth weekly updates on what to do when, how & why

Flourish is just $8 per month, come & go anytime & enjoy one

⭐️ Free Month of Flourish ⭐️

with code LETSFLOURISH and together we shall!

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

And If You Need A Silly Song!

Huge love & thanks to Steve Shepsi Eaton for writing a marvelous song, to Brian for singing with me & if you're wanting to get straight to the garden tips, head to minute 1:51 though be forewarned, this was early April 2018 💓


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