Fruition's Seed Starting Academy

Quickly cultivate the knowledge and confidence you'll need to grow healthier seedlings than you'll ever find at a nursery.

I'll guide you through garden planning while setting you up for optimal transplanting as well as direct-sowing success throughout the season. 

Whether you've gardened for years or have dreamed for years, Fruition's Seed Starting Academy will help you grow the garden of your dreams.

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Let's Start Seeds Together!

Fruition's Seed Academy will share how we sow our seeds, both indoors and in the garden, with over five hours of gorgeous video tutorials detailing:

⭐️ step-by-step instructions for starting seeds indoors, including specific tips for common as well as difficult varieties.

⭐️ easy approaches to thin, pot up, harden off and transplant seedlings like a pro.

⭐️ strategies for successful direct sowing all season long, plus tips optimal seed storage.

⭐️ easy solutions to common seed starting mistakes

You'll have access to all course materials through August 15th.

Live Q & A

each month throughout the season!

We'll share Q & A for a half hour each month, April through August. Each session will be recorded so you can soak it in at your convenience. I'm here to help all season long :)

 Speaking of questions, learn more in our upcoming seed starting webinar! Be sure to sign up for our weekly emails to receive your cordial invitation.

Seed Starting is so Rewarding!

Whether you've gardened for years or are only just beginning, I'm confident we'll grow more abundant lives as well as glorious gardens together!

A Taste of Fruition's Seed Starting Academy:

⭐️ this is one of over five hours of video tutorials for you ⭐️


Fruition's Seed Starting Academy


How much is Fruition's Seed Starting Academy? 

For $98, think of all the money you spend on your garden. What would transform the way you garden and increase your abundance for seasons to come? Hours of tutorials, tons of resources, Q & A with me...that's why I'm here, Friends :)

How is the Seed Starting Academy delivered? 

We have a gorgeous website exclusively for members, with all course tutorials and resources being shared over six weeks, beginning February 22nd. For those six weeks, you'll receive a special email each week with the freshest content. You'll have full access to all the materials (plus the extras I'm adding!) through August 15th. Our monthly community Q & A will be recorded for you to enjoy at your convenience, as well.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Absolutely. I'm confident you'll be over the moon, but if you're not I'm happy to refund you in full, for any reason within the first four weeks of the course beginning.

How much time does Fruition's Seed Starting Academy require? 
That's up to you! I've designed the course to be straightforward and concise yet fun and uplifting, to make the most of your time and set you up for success. There are no tests (!) and I won't judge if you watch the video tutorials 15 times taking copious notes or only watch half of them! If you're super busy, don't sweat it. You've got til August 15th to soak it in.

Can I ask questions within the course?
Of COURSE! Certainly, you can ask questions within the course, under the 'comments' of each tutorial, which will quickly become a forum unto itself. I'm especially excited for our monthly thirty-minute community Q & As, to make sure you've got what you need. We're all in this together!

If you have questions, don't be shy. Write to me, [email protected], anytime. 

I can't wait to dig in with you!

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

Sow Seeds Like a Pro, Even at Home!

Seeds are in the world to transform the world. So are you. Let's transform the world together.


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