Fruition's Donation Seed Program

We love to share our donation seed with regional non-profit & community-based organizations who increase access & amplify abundance for all!

Fruition's Donation Seeds

⭐️ Organizations selected for our donation program will receive 30 packets of our organic, regionally adapted seeds.

⭐️ Our donation program is always open & we review all applicants on December 1st. If approved, you'll hear from us in mid-December & we ship your seeds in January.

⭐️ If your application is accepted, we ask for a $10 donation to cover our shipping & handling costs.

⭐️ Unfortunately, we're not able to give donation seed to everyone who inquires. We prioritize donating seed to non-profit and community organizations amplifying abundance in short seasons.

Our Donation Seeds

We love to share our seeds & can't wait to learn more about you!

Thank You!

For knowing seeds are not as small as they seem...

...and neither are you!

Hope to see you on the farm one day and keep up the great work, in the meantime :)

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs, 

What Gives Us Hope

The abundance and generosity of seeds is such a gift and we're honored to share ours with you.


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