Composting with Confidence

A Mini-Course for Organic Gardeners

The food you grow is so much better than anything you could buy; the same is true for compost, too. Here are the key techniques and time-tested wisdom you need to make incredible compost inexpensively and with ease.

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Over four weeks, I'll share my

Composting Keys


⭐️ Over an hour of gorgeous video tutorials from our gardens.

⭐️ Many approaches to building and maintaining an effective compost with ease, setting yourself up for success whether you've just begun or have composted for eternity. 

⭐️ My strategies to optimize and utilize compost in all seasons.

⭐️ My opossum story and how you can avoid the most common compost mistakes :)

Composting Made Simple

Great compost makes organic gardening easier and more abundant. Designed well, great compost requires very little time and effort, even for beginners. Let's do it!

A Taste of Composting with Confidence:


Composting with Confidence Mini-Course


How much is Composting with Confidence Mini-Course?

For $30, think of all the time and money you spend on your garden. What if a small investment would transform the way you garden and increase your abundance for seasons to come? That's why I'm here :)

How is the Mini-Course delivered and when does it start? 
We have a gorgeous website exclusively for members, with all course tutorials and resources being shared over three weeks, beginning February 1st. Each week you'll receive a special email with the freshest content.

Is there a money back guarantee?
Absolutely. If confident you'll be over the moon, but if you're not I'm happy to refund you in full, for any reason, within the first two weeks of the course beginning.

How much time does Fruition's Mini-Course require? 
That's up to you, my Friend! I've designed the course to be straightforward and concise yet fun and uplifting, to make the most of your time and set you up for success. There are no tests (!) and I won't judge if you watch the video tutorials 15 times taking copious notes or only watch half of them! If you're super busy, don't sweat it. You've got three weeks to soak it in :)

How do I ask questions within the course?
Under each tutorial you can ask questions under 'comments.' Our longer courses and Flourish Garden Club are much more interactive, including live Q & A as well as forums and other opportunities to connect.

Other questions?

Email me ([email protected]) anytime and know I look so forward!

Hope to see you on the farm one day :)

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

Reserve your seat now, Composting with Confidence begins Friday, February 1st.

Compost with Confidence!

Soil is one of the most dynamic ecosystems on earth and YOU are no small part of it :)


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